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NectarTek- GMP Certified

By NectarTek, News Room


Nectartek Labs is Certified as a Good Manufacturing Practices Hemp Product Manufacturer


Nevada, Nov. 20, 2022 — Nectartek Labs, hemp-derived CBD processor, today announces their achievement of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) certifications for manufacturing Hemp-Derived products. This implies successfully completing audits for the Food Safety Management Systems Certifications. These audits further demonstrate the company’s dedication to the highest quality standards for manufacturing.

GMPs, or ‘Good Manufacturing Practices’, are a set of practices that are necessary in order for a product to conform to the guidelines of various regulatory agencies around the world. GMPs mainly affect pharmaceutical products, tobacco products, cosmetics, and foods. These practices were implemented so that manufacturers could ensure safe production every time.

Since the CBD industry has been rapidly unfolding and developing all sorts of new products containing CBD, the FDA hasn’t been able to keep up with the huge demand in the market, thus, leaving it largely unregulated. CBD is a substance that has been researched many a time in order to prove its potential health benefits scientifically. Alongside this, seeing a GMP compliance certificate would instill confidence about the quality of a CBD product and its contents being exactly what is stated on the label.

NectarTek COO Robert Pelton says:  

“In January our team received ISO certification, at that time we shifted into GMP mode, and our team worked strenuously to meet all the requirements to align with the GMP Standards. Once ready, a third-party certifying agency — Perry Johnson Registrars – organized the audit of our facility. After a thorough inspection, a lengthy report revealed that Nectartek Labs demonstrated compliance with the standards required to achieve the Good Manufacturing Practices Registration.”


NectarTek- ISO Certified

By NectarTek, News Room


CBD Extraction Company Earns Certification for ISO 9001:2015 Standards


Nevada, Sept. 15, 2022 — Nectartek Labs, processor of hemp-derived CBD, today announced the successful completion of audits for ISO 9001:2015, 21 CFR part 111, and 21 CFR part 117 certifications. These audits further demonstrate the company’s dedication to the highest quality standards for manufacturing.

After years of product development; batch-to-batch consistency, high potency, superior quality, and commitment to safety and reliability, NectarTek decided it was time to validate its procedures through an accredited registrar and was able to achieve the ISO 9001:2015 Certification issued by Perry Johnson Registrars.

This certification confirms that NectarTek has implemented and satisfied all the requirements of a quality management system.

NectarTek COO Robert Pelton says:  

“Trust is the business we are all in, and this certificate is just proof that customers and regulators can trust that our products are fulfilling all requirements and that we are constantly maintaining and executing things the right way, even when no one is looking”

Controversial Hemp Regulations in Sardinia Italy

By NectarTek, News Room

Legal but not quite, In Sardinia, Italy the Hemp Regulations infer that hemp can be grown, but as soon as the harvest and processing stage arrives, the problems start to arise.

Cagliari prosecutor’s office issued on the first week of April a new hemp regulation under a directive that suggests “the possibility of preventive seizures” of hemp crops based on “suspicion” alone that those crops may be marijuana.

Context on the Hemp Industry in Sardinia

This directive was issued right when the hemp season in Sardinia would usually start to prepare crops both for the domestic and international markets. What’s causing stress among the “cannabis light” farmers, is mainly the lack of principles of legality typical of the rule of law, this directive is based merely on police suspicions

Before this directive was issued, the Regional Council of Sardinia was analyzing a new law proposal to incentivize the hemp industry development in which two different bills were being discussed. 

The First Proposal was presented by the Sardinian Action Party. “Sardinia, due to a favorable climate and thanks to a new generation of entrepreneurs attentive to diversification, is one of the regions most interested in this cultivation”, they underlined, presenting the proposal that provides for contributions to businesses to relaunch the supply chain, promoting strategy of hemp in land reclamation, in contrasting hydrogeological instability, in site reclamation, in green building, and in bioenergy.

The Second Proposal to relaunch the supply chain was presented by the 5-star Movement. “From hemp, it is possible to obtain excellent natural fibers for ropes and fabrics, suitable for curtains, canvases, clothes, but also raw materials for the construction of insulating and sound-absorbing panels, padding, and plasters”.

In general, the two legislative proposals focus on the research activities necessary for companies, on the training of personnel to expand the crops that in 2019, in the Region, have marked the figure of 600 hectares cultivated, the construction of plants for processing and more generally the mechanization of sowing, harvesting, storage, and processing. Finally, the creation of a monitoring center for crops is also planned.

The Sardinia region has shown interest in this project since 2015 and had evaluated the possibility of including hemp as a crop to bring new jobs and clean up polluted fields thanks to its phytoremediation properties acknowledging the ideal climate conditions of the island to grow high-quality hemp.

The Origin of this Regulations

The lack of clarity of law 242 on industrial hemp, which does not explicitly mention the parts of the plant was pointed out as the origin of these polemic measures. The producers note that the law actually lists a number of uses, thus assuming that those parts are used for production. The regional councilor of the Psd’Az Piero Maieli, promoter of the first bill proposal, expressed his concern. “Any impediments to the cultivation, transformation of hemp and its subsequent marketing, which could somehow slow down the development of a quality supply chain, would have the consequence of discouraging young farmers, and not only, to start their own business”. “Is not a criticism of the work of the judicial police, which operates according to the law”, but asks “for a clarification of the normative dictation that can dispel any doubt about the lawfulness of cultivation”.

So far, the seizures of several tons of Hemp have been coordinated by the prosecutor Ezio Domenico Basso, who believes that the law only allows cultivation.

In short, according to this directive, the hemp regulations in Sardinia, Italy infer that the plant in the ground is fine while uprooting it, working it, separating the inflorescences, drying it, and obtaining oils or other finished products would not be allowed.

SOURCE: Canapa Industriale

American Hemp Awards 2020

NectarTek, Nevada’s Best Extraction Company

By NectarTek, News Room

LAS VEGAS, December 31st, 2020- Every year The Nevada Hemp Association, an organization dedicated to the re-birth of industrial hemp in America, celebrates an Award Ceremony in which they honor the Advancement of the American Hemp Industry.

These awards are separated into several categories out of which NectarTek won the Best Extraction Facility for two consecutive years.

This group’s vision is to help connect farmers, processors, manufactures, researchers, investors, and policymakers in order to accelerate the growth of the Hemp Industry.

NectarTek does not take this achievement for granted, and they attribute their win to all of their team who tirelessly work to respect the extraction standards and keep the facilities clean, organized and efficient at all times.

In the photo, Mike Whalen, President of the Nevada Hemp Association, presented Bob Pelton and his NectarTek crew with “The Best Extraction Facility of 2020 Award.”

A Collaborative Partnership

By NectarTek, News Room


CannAssist International Signs Strategic Partnership with NectarTek LLC


NEW YORK, March 30, 2021(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via InvestorWire –CannAssist International (OTCQB: CNSC), a biotech company that complexes oil into water-dispersible formulations, known as 2CYTE technology, and NectarTek LLC, a hemp extraction company, have entered into a strategic partnership. 

After years of product development and supplier evaluations; batch-to-batch consistency, high potency, superior quality, and NectarTek’s commitment to safety and reliability, CannAssist chose NectarTek as its cannabinoid supplier. 

This agreement provides both companies with additions to their respective product lines and prospective clients. Both CannAssist and NectarTek predict strong growth with the alliance of shared distribution and sales networks. 


CannAssist CEO Mark Palumbo says:  

“We are looking forward to moving this agreement into action. CannAssist has dedicated itself to testing, research, and quality in all of its offered products. It is gratifying to have NectarTek, a company of impeccable quality in their space, agree with the utility and quality 2Cyte technology brings to their raw materials.”

NectarTek CEO Joseph Falls says:  

“We are excited to partner with such a great company that is as committed to delivering the best CBD product on the market as we are.”