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NectarTek, Nevada’s Best Extraction Company

By April 4, 2021May 3rd, 2021NectarTek, News Room

LAS VEGAS, December 31st, 2020- Every year The Nevada Hemp Association, an organization dedicated to the re-birth of industrial hemp in America, celebrates an Award Ceremony in which they honor the Advancement of the American Hemp Industry.

These awards are separated into several categories out of which NectarTek won the Best Extraction Facility for two consecutive years.

This group’s vision is to help connect farmers, processors, manufactures, researchers, investors, and policymakers in order to accelerate the growth of the Hemp Industry.

NectarTek does not take this achievement for granted, and they attribute their win to all of their team who tirelessly work to respect the extraction standards and keep the facilities clean, organized and efficient at all times.

In the photo, Mike Whalen, President of the Nevada Hemp Association, presented Bob Pelton and his NectarTek crew with “The Best Extraction Facility of 2020 Award.”