We Are a Hemp Extraction Company.
Safety, Quality & Reliability

Providing the industry the highest quality CBD isolate and broad-spectrum distillate.

Hemp-Derived CBD Extraction Company


NectarTek™ is a high-volume extractor of hemp. We produce the highest quality CBD isolate and distillate. Headquartered in Pahrump, Nevada, with facilities in excess of 11,000 square feet, our experience and team enable us to consistently deliver on our promise of safe, high quality, and reliable hemp extraction.

NectarTek’s business model is built on a foundation of trusted partnerships with American Farmers that deliver safe, tested, and high-quality hemp. Our team of advisors and industry experts provide market-ready isolate & distillate in large volume.

We are here to deliver surety and integrity to this market.

Our mission is to deliver safe, high-quality, and rapid extraction of hemp grown by American farmers and to manufacture the highest-quality CBD isolate and other products for the market. Our vision is to make the highest quality hemp-derived products available to the market at accessible prices and to thereby improve the quality of health and life for the CBD consumer.


Every lot and customer order contains an ISO-Certified, independent, third-party lab-tested “Certificate of Analysis” and “Certificate of Quality Assurance”. We rigorously test all of our product with ISO certified third party laboratories. We execute against our high standards which assure that our customers consistently receive only the highest quality CBD isolate and distillate.


We focus on producing the highest-quality product for the market through daily execution and continuous improvement. We value and reward our experienced team members and through them deliver reliably on our promises every day.


We follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) which, alongside our advanced technology, proprietary processes, and experienced team ensures safe, high-quality product. All of our extraction and manufacturing is performed in the USA with 100% American grown hemp that has passed our rigorous testing and evaluation standards.


ISO Certified Isolate

NectarTek™ delivers high quality, on-time volume for the market demands of companies delivering the highest quality of ISO-Certified CBD isolates. We employ RapidFlo™, our proprietary, just-in-time manufacturing process that gets our farmers’ biomass extracted rapidly as well as ensures that our customers receive what they’ve ordered on schedule and according to specifications.

Extraction at Scale

NectarTek’s proprietary extraction process has been developed, tested and refined for over 15 years. Our in-house team of scientists, engineers and chemists are industry leaders in the extraction of the highest quality CBD Isolate and Distillate.

Hemp-Derived CBD Extraction Company

Isolate & Distillate

We understand your drive to create the highest quality products in the market, from beverages, supplements, cosmetics and pet products — we provide safe, tested and reliable supplies of the highest quality CBD to support your consumer products.

Hemp-Derived CBD Extraction Company
Hemp-Derived CBD Extraction Company

Partnership with
America’s Farmers

NectarTek™ works relentlessly to ensure that all of our farms deliver the highest quality industrial hemp plants and comply with all relevant state and federal regulations. NectarTek™ has the capability to support farmers who would like to do business with us across their entire operation, from best practices in sourcing genetics, nutrients, and cultivation of industrial hemp to produce high yields and profitably.

Product Line

We understand your drive to create the highest quality products in the market, from tinctures to gel caps and we provide safe, tested, assured supply of the highest quality CBD isolate and distillate to support your entire product line.


NectarTek™ produces a 99.9% pure CBG isolate with no detectable levels of THC for customers who seek concentrated CBG product of the highest consistency and quality.

Hemp-Derived CBD Extraction Company


We deliver a minimum of 99.0% pure CBD isolate with no detectable levels of THC to customers who seek concentrated CBD product of the highest consistency and quality.

Hemp-Derived CBD Extraction Company


NectarTek delivers a complete plant profile using our broad-spectrum oil that delivers high levels of quality cannabinoids found in quality American hemp.

Our Facilities

We process thousands of pounds of biomass daily. We employ just-in-time processes to ensure rapid turnaround of biomass to the farmer who seeks a reliable, consistent extraction partner. We test our inputs and output both internally and with third-party labs to give you the confidence that our product is of the highest quality and is verified as such on a daily basis.

We provide safe, reliable extraction solutions, with rapid turnaround of biomass into isolate. We produce the highest quality CBD isolate and other CBD-derived products of the highest quality using advanced technology and processes with an experienced team.

We have the team, the experience and the equipment to deliver on our promise to our farmers and the market: we will supply product that meets the highest standards of safety and quality with ISO Certified third party laboratories. We will do what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it. We will deliver on our promises every time. Every day.

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